Five instagrammers I like


I am a big fan of Instagram and use it daily both to post pictures myself (@newyork_bee) and to get inspiration. I love the fact that you find every type of instagram user posting pictures of everything from their cats, kids, nature, food, restaurants, home decor to hot guys reading.

Here are five of the many instagrams I follow:

Tim Coulson (@timcoulson)
This guy is a photographer by profession and his pictures are so dreamy and beautiful. He usually posts pictures of his wife Kesh and son Roo and the travels they make together:

Courtney Adamo (@courtneybabyccino)
This mother of four, wife, business partner and creative woman gives her followers a daily sneak peak into her wonderful hectic family life. Her kids are just adorable.

This insta account is the best. Skellie is like any other girl in the US; hating on Mondays, getting pedis and manis from time to time, getting her coffee fix during long office hours, working out and eating french macarons afterwards. Only she is a skeleton!

Justina Blakeney (@justinablakeney)
This woman is a designer, mother, artist and author. And yet she still has time to post amazingly colourful and cheerful pics on instagram. She makes my feed so much more vibrant.

Hot Dudes Reading (@hotdudesreading)
Whoever came up with this….THANK YOU! As I am a straight woman in New York and finding myself on the subway a lot I love this little sneaky and sexy insta account. YES to hot dudes reading! Who can resist that?

Skjermbilde 2015-03-05 kl. 21.46.22


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