Five instagrammers I like


Here is another round of Instagram accounts I follow.

This guys lives in China and takes amaaaazing photos, some of which makes me dizzy. I love how his pictures take me all the way to China through his incredible way of looking at things. Find his Instagram here

Deliciously Ella
I am both a big fan of Ella and of her food. Her story is quite remarkable as well. She used to be a healthy and normal girl (with a very bad diet though) until one day her body collapsed. She couldn´t do anything anymore, less alone stand up or even walk. Her doctor could not find the solution to her condition and gave her pills to deal with her exhausted body, which didn´t really have any effect on her. Finally Ella decided to try out other ways to heal herself. She started on a whole foods, plant based diet and improved radically. From being bed-ridden 95 % of her time she regained her energy, was released of her chronic pain and was able to get her life back. All from a diet and a healthy lifestyle. She is an inspiration, and shows what you can do and that you can do it when you have close to nothing left. And I am still dying to re-make her sweet potato brownies! YUM! Find her Instagram here

I have been reading Australian Nicole´s blogs for years. I am not a fashionista per definition but I love her style, her photos and her ambition. She travels from south to west and always ends up somewhere glamorous. Find her Instagram here

As the name reveals this guy lives in St.Petersburg and captures the melancholic moments of this magical city in the north. No fancy, fake story about this Russian Metropol, just true feelings. Find his Instagram here

Wouldn´t we all want to be a model and live a glamorous life and travel from London to Paris? Well, at least we can get a sneak peak of what it looks like through Jeanne´s instagram account. Also called the new “it-girl” by many we follow her hanging out at parties, doing photo shots or just hanging with friends. Entertaining. Find her Instagram here


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