Spring Fling in New York

Spring is here and it feels great. Yesterday I was filled with euphoria as the sun was shining, it was the first time I went outside without a jacket, and all New Yorkers ran to Central PArk to enjoy the first signs of spring. It was so lovely, and today will be another wonderful day.


The winter over here has been quite gloomy and cold with rain and a LOT of snow. I think we have all been like hermits cosiying it up too much with netflix and popcorn throughout the last couple of months. So it was so wonderful to see book reading, frisbee throwing, rollerblading, pique-niquing, dancing people throughout Central Park. It makes you love this city so much more.


One thing I love about New York in general though is the music everywhere; on the subway, in the park, on the street. The big apple is filled with these amazing bands and artists just waiting to be discovered. So if you take the time to stop and listen you find yourself at a free concert in the most interesting locations ever. Catch them before they get too famous.


The Good Morning Nags playing in the sunshine šŸ™‚

Now I just canĀ“t WAIT for the trees to turn green, for the weather to be warmer and to wear skirts and dressesĀ again.

Welcome spring 2015, I like you already!


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