1 good purchace recently:

THIS Bikini. Let the summer start! I am READY!!! a2b0b5b931f3f3d31e2bbc1fb73fcfcb

2 things I did for the first time

Diving. no words.


I need to do this again cause diving was amazing!

Making black bean soup. YUM


Black bean soup: SUCH an underrated dish

3 amazing moments

Finding this little fellah on the beach. IMG_3386

Helicopter ride over ManhattanSkjermbilde 2015-05-06 kl. 08.26.56

Cherry Blossom
Skjermbilde 2015-05-06 kl. 08.27.03

4 things I appreciated:

That my some of my friendships stay the same no matter what 662c85daad44a216a962ba1a53122967

Being privileged and healthy enough to travel to near and far destinations IMG_1229

Food! Always be grateful for food

That Spring is finally HERE! Maing new plans.

5 Things I am exited about

Outdoor cinema in New York. CAN´T!!! WAIT!!!! image

My friend visiting. She is my sister from another mister. 39c169ef32a93f14e9ee38f08ac07ec9

Finally I get to go hiking again.


Wearing pretty dresses again


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