Lately volume 2

Lately I have been quite busy, you can tell from the absence of this blog. If there is one thing missing from my life these days it is definitely more time on my hands (or better time management and more energy maybe). My job is quite time- and energy consuming to tell you the truth, and since I am just human I often tend to jump to the couch after work to see a new episode of “Hart of Dixie” instead of actually doing many of the things I would like to do but cannot find the energy to do.

Anyway, here are some moments from my current life:

Dad came for a visit and an important point of his agenda was a trip to one of New York´s finest art galleries. We went to MoMA, and it did not disappoint.


I went to a rooftop BBQ a couple of weeks ago in Brooklyn and loved both the apartment and the view from his terrace.


I´ve been checking out Harlem recently, and there are many hidden treasures up there (and YAY for outlet stores nearby). For some reason people visiting New York limit themselves to Lower Manhattan, which is a real shame. There is so much to be seen and done in Harlem, Brooklyn and Upper West Side. I am yet to check out more of Queens and Bronx, and I am sure I will discover a couple of cool spots there as well.


Finally I got to go here. Freeman Alley. The entrance was just as beautiful as I have seen on instagram, and the food….well, let´s just say that 1 dessert did not suffice for this lady (thank God I work out). Blueberry ice-cream, rhubarb pie and brownies: highly recommended.


Another thing on my New York bucket list is a trip to the top of Rockefeller Center, and after almost a year in the big apple it is STILL to be checked off. I almost made it up there when checking out the Rainbow Room. The view was breathtaking.


Can´t wait for the next week to start when I will finally have some days off!


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