San Jose

dsc_0069As I was in Costa Rica and had some time to spare I made room in my schedule to pass by the capital city. Although not nearly as beautiful as Havana, as high up as La Paz, as urban and seducing as Buenos Aires or as intimate and special as Santiago de Chile I gotta say that something got me charmed. The houses at both end of the spectrum; modern, renovated and stylish to old, historical and rustic, the people minding their own business, the hidden bohemian shops and cafes or the modern and fashionable shopping avenues, I quite liked it.dsc_0082dsc_0042dsc_0101dsc_0046

As I was walking through the city parallel with the sun reaching higher and higher on the sky I discovered that the city has a sort of beauty to it. People in San Jose are as friendly as they are by the coastal towns, and I felt at ease sitting on cute little corner cafees and drink the juices of proper Central American coffee beans while watching the life pass by in a busy city.dsc_0066dsc_0061dsc_01232dsc_0034dsc_0057dsc_0056

You can almost feel the sensation of living in a natural and coastal country. The city is there, but it seems like everyone is dying to get out and hit the beach or the jungle. Meanwhile they are taking a break at the shops, cafees, bars and theatres around.dsc_0047dsc_0103dsc_0110dsc_0117dsc_0114dsc_0126dsc_0043dsc_0054dsc_0050dsc_0056dsc_0034dsc_0040dsc_0078

San Jose is worth your time, spend a day here and be positively surprised. In all honesty, however, my heart belongs to the Costa Rican shores. dsc_0019dsc_0379


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