Pride 2017

fullsizeoutput_1b3afullsizeoutput_1b03fullsizeoutput_1b08Happy Pride, it´s been wonderful to see all the amazing celebrations around the world, including this weekend´s Pride celebration in Oslo. The victory in Germany where the Parliament voted to legalize same-sex marriage this week was also a great reason to celebrate.fullsizeoutput_1b53fullsizeoutput_1b57fullsizeoutput_1b29fullsizeoutput_1b41fullsizeoutput_1b20It´s almost like I´m a bit jealous of the LGBT community for having such a glorius celebration. I wanna celebrate my sexual identity as well and have rainbows, flags, balloons, glitter, party, confetti, parades and fun as well. Then again, being heterosexual I have never lived under the threat of being hunted down, abducted, imprisoned, tortured and killed. Unfortunately the LGBT community in Chechnya can´t say the same. Or having to endure lashes as a punishment for sharing a bed with my loved one, such as the event that took place in Indonesia.  Straight is not a word they would use in a degrading way and I can act as feminine or masculine as I want to because at the end of the day I just happen to love in the “normal” and “accepted” way. So instead I celebrate with the LGBT community and celebrate their victories, condemn the abuses and fight for their rights.fullsizeoutput_1afcfullsizeoutput_1b39fullsizeoutput_1b2ffullsizeoutput_1b0ffullsizeoutput_1b27fullsizeoutput_1b19

Last year I was lucky enough to be celebrating in New York City and watch one of the world´s largest parades. And what a parade. This year I joined the festivities in Bergen and watched a smaller but definitely not less happy and joyful parade.fullsizeoutput_1b4cfullsizeoutput_1b53fullsizeoutput_1af5 fullsizeoutput_1b36fullsizeoutput_1b37fullsizeoutput_1b34fullsizeoutput_1b2dfullsizeoutput_1b17

While watching the parade I saw so much joy, love and acceptance. I just can´t fathom how anyone can be annoyed with two people loving each other, about someone being true to him- or herself or about someone acting and living out their true self. The biggest impression was definitely the “rainbow families” with gay couples walking with their adorable kids.fullsizeoutput_1b3bfullsizeoutput_1b02fullsizeoutput_1b3ffullsizeoutput_1b58

Human beings are always evolving and thankfully I see in many parts of the world an increasing acceptance for the LGBT community. Still there is still so much to do and even setbacks. Hopefully there will be a positive development. And i have faith in the next generation. I mean, 50 years ago only a 20% of the US population had a positive attitude towards mixed race marriage and it was considered an abnormality. Today it´s 90%. So I have hope the LGBT community will see a similar development.fullsizeoutput_1aecfullsizeoutput_1b0bfullsizeoutput_1b10

And remember, never accept the status quo until equality and equity govern. When looking back decades ago THIS was the dominant idea, something that seems unbelievable these days. image3_16

So ask yourself,  do you really wanna be looking back 50 years from now and be one of those people? Yeah, didn´t think so. Besides, the rainbow crowd are way more fun and colorful to be around. Love more, hate less ❤


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