Cabin Trip

fullsizeoutput_1bbbThis week we escaped the city to for some hiking and cuddling up in my family´s cabin in the mountains of Norway. We got a ride all the way up and got to cross the Hardanger bridge by foot. I have never done that before but wow was that beautiful! Not only does the bridge offer some spectacular views, the bridge is some powerful architecture as well.fullsizeoutput_1b9bfullsizeoutput_1b7cFullSizeRender 13fullsizeoutput_1b9d fullsizeoutput_1b9f

We also got to drive through Hardangervidda natural reserve which is always a delight. Driving through this almost inhabited area during the last hour of sunlight of the day was breathtaking, almost magical. Comfort won over art this time, we wanted to arrive in a godly hour and saved the images in our minds, not in our cameras. I did manage to snap one photo with my phone though, but it really doesn´t do any justice to the scenery. And yes! This is shortly before sunset in Norway. Go figure.fullsizeoutput_1bc1

We arrived late at Geilo and could finally find our way to my cabin and relax and enjoy the complete calm and quiet. On our way we saw more rainbows than I can count on one hand and each was intense and colorful like I´ve never seen a rainbow before. We also drove “under” rainbows that were “complete”. How amazing!fullsizeoutput_1ba2fullsizeoutput_1ba3fullsizeoutput_1bb6

The next week we headed to Langedrag animal park, a place where they keep farm animals as well as wolfs, foxes, reindeers and lynx to mention a few. Although I probably loved hanging around those animals more than the kids visiting I would have preferred a slightly more free atmosphere for the animals rather than being caged in like that. It would have been much better seeing them in their natural habitat but I loved seeing them up so close regardless. fullsizeoutput_1bb0fullsizeoutput_1bb4fullsizeoutput_1ba5fullsizeoutput_1ba8fullsizeoutput_1bb1fullsizeoutput_1baefullsizeoutput_1bacfullsizeoutput_1bb2fullsizeoutput_1bb3fullsizeoutput_1ba6fullsizeoutput_1b68

Later that evening we visited the lake close to the cabin, setting up a fire and just enjoying yet another peaceful evening in the Norwegian  mountains. We were hoping to spot some moose as well but I guess we were out of luck. The sound of the river flowing and the crackling fire sounds made up for it though. Looking at these pictures I just wanna go back so badly haha. Which I will do in a week, can´t wait.   fullsizeoutput_1b76fullsizeoutput_1b79fullsizeoutput_1b6cfullsizeoutput_1bb9fullsizeoutput_1b72fullsizeoutput_1b77fullsizeoutput_1b7a

We also made sure to squeeze in a little bit of hiking. We drove up to Prestholt Seter close to Geilo and continued by foot towards Ustaoset. It was such a peaceful day and perfect for hiking. Unfortunately my granny back kicked in and I suffered from some major back pains which prevented us from continuing down to Ustaoset like I would have liked to. The trip was nice though and just breathing in that fresh air is so worth it. fullsizeoutput_1bbcfullsizeoutput_1b63fullsizeoutput_1b65fullsizeoutput_1b64fullsizeoutput_1b70fullsizeoutput_1b75fullsizeoutput_1b74fullsizeoutput_1b71fullsizeoutput_1bbd
And of course…chocolate for the road!

When we left on the last day to catch our train I really just wanted to stay there for a couple of days more. Then I reminded myself that I will actually be back in less than a week´s time. I can´t wait!


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