Vinjerock 2016

fullsizeoutput_1c45fullsizeoutput_1c85fullsizeoutput_1bfeI have just had the most amazing time in the Norwegian mountains last week, which included the Vinjerock Music Festival in Jotunheimen, 1060 meter above sea level. Before writing about my experience this year I though I should write about last year´s experience as well when me and four friends decided to head up to the Vinjerock music festival. I had heard about this festival years ago from a Norwegian friend and from what she told me I was immediately hooked. The festival is mainly for concerts but has a kind of outdoorsy/ hiking profile which I really enjoy. Not to mention the stunning surroundings.fullsizeoutput_1c8f

Vinjerock has its name after Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, a Norwegian author and journalist. He built his cabin in the area in 1868 where the festival has been held year after year since 2006. While the music is the main component of the festival other elements shape the festival to be as special as it is, such as environmental protection, rich food experiences made from local produced ingredients as well as fun activities and courses. fullsizeoutput_1c02

The area

Eidsbugarden is located in the natural park of Jotunheimen in Norway and is a magical scenery. It´s surrounded by mountains which make for excellent hiking trips and the lake makes it all the more spectacular. I surely would have appreciated slightly higher temperatures (around 13-14 degrees usually) but at 1060 meters above sea level I guess it´s not so feasible. fullsizeoutput_1c74fullsizeoutput_1c2dfullsizeoutput_1c0efullsizeoutput_1c31fullsizeoutput_1bccfullsizeoutput_1c76fullsizeoutput_1c06fullsizeoutput_1bcb

The concerts

To be honest I wasn´t there mainly for the music. Having lived outside of Norway for a few years I was a little behind in terms of the music scene. More than half of the artists were completely unknown to me but that didn´t mean I didn´t enjoy it. I was just happy listening to the music, enjoying the good atmosphere, singing and dancing and drinking with my friends and taking pictures. Blissful moments for sure. I will also have to admit the slight sense of pride I, a Bergen born end bred person, felt when several artists from Bergen appeared one by one; Aurora, Lars Vaular, Bendik, Kakkmaddafakka, Miss Tati and more.fullsizeoutput_1c90fullsizeoutput_4ddfullsizeoutput_4e9fullsizeoutput_580fullsizeoutput_577fullsizeoutput_4f7fullsizeoutput_1c8bfullsizeoutput_1c8dfullsizeoutput_4c1fullsizeoutput_1c88fullsizeoutput_1c53

The absolute highlight was without a doubt the concert with Bjørn Eidsvåg, the Norwegian singer and songwriter. We have all sort of grown up with the music of this well established musician and his music is undoubtedly something most Norwegians keep very dear to our hearts. But not only did his music make his concert so special, it was during the afternoon, we enjoyed coffee and waffles and the sun came out for a brief moment during his concert. fullsizeoutput_1c84fullsizeoutput_1becfullsizeoutput_1bf3fullsizeoutput_1bf8fullsizeoutput_1bebfullsizeoutput_1bfd

The festival life

Although the festival only lasts for three days they were stuffed with so much that it felt like much longer. Besides enjoying music and dancing we also filled the days with hiking trips, scavenger hunts, enjoying traditional Norwegian food at the food courts around at the festival area as well as new things (moose burger was surprisingly tasty), talk to new and old friends we found along the way, taking more pictures, swim in the lake (and don´t let that grin on my face fool you, it was absolutely freezing) and sit in our tent for a snack break, nap or share a coffee prepared on our very own camping stove. I loved this life. We always had something to do and we still had time to chill and relax. In the end you can´t really make it to ALL the concerts, ALL the activities or enjoy in EVERY SINGLE MOMENT but I would dare to say we certainly made the most out of what we had with the time we were given. fullsizeoutput_1c4f

Hiking tripsfullsizeoutput_1bdefullsizeoutput_1c72fullsizeoutput_1bcefullsizeoutput_1c7bfullsizeoutput_1c75fullsizeoutput_1bde

Swimming in the lakefullsizeoutput_1c59fullsizeoutput_1c56fullsizeoutput_1c92

Camping coffee timefullsizeoutput_1c6e

Kick off the hat!fullsizeoutput_3f6

Reading of the works of Aasmund Olavsson Vinje in his cabinfullsizeoutput_1c04fullsizeoutput_1c11fullsizeoutput_1c17fullsizeoutput_1c2afullsizeoutput_1c0bfullsizeoutput_1c27fullsizeoutput_1c25

Sporty activitiesfullsizeoutput_1c87

The festival experience

All in all I loved Vinjerock. The people, the music, the “Norwegianness”, the food, the vibe, the nature, the company……it´s the summer festival for me for sure! So you might understand my excitement for joining again this year, and this time around with twice as many in our group. SO! MUCH! FUN!


Vinjerock, you rock!



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