Vinjerock 2017

fullsizeoutput_1d06fullsizeoutput_1d21fullsizeoutput_1d22As I had such a good time with my friends last year at the Vinjerock festival in Norway we simply had to go back this year. We got tickets but actually ended up as volunteers (btw, a great way to go to festivals if you wanna save some money). We therefore had a few spare tickets and ended up inviting more friends to tag along. So there we were, a group of almost ten, going to the best festival there is.fullsizeoutput_1d00fullsizeoutput_1d03fullsizeoutput_1d0efullsizeoutput_1d1a
BEST CAMP SITE EVER!fullsizeoutput_1dfd

Scouting for the artists to arrive…fullsizeoutput_1d1cfullsizeoutput_1d25fullsizeoutput_1d14

This year, the weather gods were good to us. We had sunny and warm days and we could not have asked for better weather. Sunscreen was applied constantly and we could flash out winter viking legs and finally get that sunkissed look after weeks of crappy weather around the country. fullsizeoutput_1df7 (1)fullsizeoutput_1e24fullsizeoutput_1d1bfullsizeoutput_1d09

As I was in charge of updating social media from time to time I got to see a lot more of the festival than I did the year before, not to mention the great people I met along the way. I gotta say, this festival is kept alive by so many amazing, hard working and creative and social people and although it might seem chaotic and crazy most of the time you´ll find that every little thing is well organized and taken care of.

Volunteers making sure everyone recycles and takes care of the environment!fullsizeoutput_1dedPop quiz in the volunteer tent!


And then there were the artists. I actually got to meet some of them this time around as we did some mini-interviews for social media and they were just the sweetest people on earth. I guess that´s another defining element of this festival; everything is just so down to earth. We had artists coming from all over the country and from Iceland as well. I didn´t get to catch that many concerts to be honest. First of all, as I worked during the day I kinda wanted to chill and eat something and hang with my friends at our camp site in the evening. Secondly, like last year, we had the best camp site ever and could see and hear the concerts from afar and therefore had a moment to ourselves to drink a chilled glass of white wine and some snacks while overlooking the beautiful nature, have a nice talk and listen to the music from afar. So although I didn´t get to see everything up close I did feel I got the full festival experience.fullsizeoutput_1e0eimg_0325img_0322fullsizeoutput_1d1f
Sondre Lerche rocking the place!fullsizeoutput_1e0d
Intimate concert in Olav Vinje´s cabin with Sudan Dudan ❤
Gabrielle was AWESOME! Probably the best concert we went to!!!


Just like last year Vinjerock offered a whole lot of cool activities. I didn´t really do that many activities as, like mentioned, I had to be on most of the time. But I did get to watch parts of the Multi Sport competition which is such fun. People come with a really great spirit and mindset. They go all in but  also make sure this is mostly fun and that the most important thing is to participate (although winning is pretty awesome as well).

Wow, would you look at those strong muscl….currents!!! Those strong currents!!!!!fullsizeoutput_1deb
Other more relaxing and less high pulse activities included yoga and hiking. I was so jealous of my friends who went all the way to the top of one of the mountains nearby where there was snow!! (and apparently a very cute guy testing out his paragliding gear).fullsizerender-18fullsizeoutput_1dfafullsizeoutput_1d2bWe also had teams competing for the coolest camp site (most creative, environmentally friendly and social camp)fullsizeoutput_1dfffullsizeoutput_1dec

And most importantly; chilling…fullsizeoutput_1deaimg_6521fullsizeoutput_1df2fullsizeoutput_1e23fullsizeoutput_1d19

And if you ever wondered; OF COURSE we are coming back next year!!!!img_0297fullsizeoutput_1d07fullsizeoutput_1e1e




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