fullsizeoutput_1f74fullsizeoutput_1f71fullsizeoutput_1e6afullsizeoutput_1f25fullsizeoutput_1e9eI went to Berlin the first and only time when I was 16 years old during a school trip but honestly I don´t remember that much. I just remember that we stayed in a shitty hostel with some weird graffiti on the walls, that we visited Check Point Charlie and that we passe by the Berlin wall by bus. And that I went with my friends to have the largest portion ever of nachos at Hard Rock Café. I´m sure it must have been a really fun trip but let´s just say that my priorities have changed a lot since then. I can imagine, so has Berlin. Many friends and acquaintances have made Berlin their base and I keep hearing about this fun, cool, beautiful and special city. So when the right moment came along I booked a flight and spent a weekend in this urban European metropol.img_0339fullsizeoutput_1f58fullsizeoutput_1f20Berlin is really a lovely capital with a high level of coolness, metropolitan, history, food, culture and more. I enjoyed my brunches, my ice creams (obviously), my sightseeing and was so proud of myself for mastering the transportation system. Now that the use of mobile phones is priced the same all over Europe I used google maps practically all the time to get around in the city. Just once it was a bit behind on the information but the rest of the time I got exactly where I wanted to go safe and sound. fullsizeoutput_1f24fullsizeoutput_1f23fullsizeoutput_1f1eI also enjoyed finding my way around town by foot and I concentrated on different areas I wanted to explore, in particular Mitte and Prenzelauer, and got to know them a bit better in terms of bars, food, parks and just the general atmosphere while also making time to visit the more known sightseeing areas in the city. As I only had the weekend this way of exploring Berlin worked pretty well for me. I don´t know about you all, but I like to take my time and not stress around when I explore cities. The busy citylife and just trying to figure out your way to get around takes a lot of energy and I prefer not to add on more stress on top of that. Anywho…With a happy tummy, a happy mind and a smile on my face I strolled happily around the city while enjoying the sun, the summer feeling and just being on holiday.fullsizeoutput_1e68fullsizeoutput_1f27fullsizeoutput_1f2bfullsizeoutput_1e6ffullsizeoutput_1f1fI feel like there is so much I didn´t see and did so I would gladly go back to Berlin. As a friend of mine might move back there soon and I gotta keep up with my Berlin friends´busy life I have no choice but to do just that. Looking forward already!


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